Committee for Justice for the Three Drowned Girls

The Committee for Justice for the Three Drowned Girls under the leadership of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is waging a struggle to expose and bring down lying Killer Bob Gualtieri, to prosecute serial killer Deputy Skaggs and put him behind bars and to win reparations from the PCSO and Pinellas County.

Headed up by Akilé Anai and with the active participation of Kundé Mwamvita and Uhuru Movement attorney Aaron O’Neal, the Committee for Justice has saturated south St. Petersburg with fliers summing up the murders and winning massive outpouring of support for the struggle for justice for the three girls from the African community.

Locally the committee has held demonstrations, disrupted public appearances of Sheriff Gualtieri, protested at city council and the headquarters of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s department and held the public 17th birthday party in honor of Dominique with many teens attending.

Kundé Mwamvita has traveled and spoken in Ferguson and St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, California, Boston and Seattle among other places winning mass support for her fearless struggling stance and networking with other family members of victims of colonial violence.

The Committee for Justice for the Three Drowned Girls and Kundé Mwamvita are committed to struggle for power in the hands of the African community and Black Community Control of the Police as the only means of ending the murders of African people everywhere and the police violence and terror.

Jail the Killer Cops!
Black Community Control of Police!
Reparations now!
Justice for Dominique, Ashaunti and Laniya and all African people!

Akilé Anai – Chair
Chimurenga Selembao – Vice Chair
Aaron O’Neal – Legal Attorney
Liu Kwayera- Project & Outreach Coordinator
Latonya Givens- Economic Development Coordinator
Kundé Mwamvita- Treasurer
Senn Maruyama- Propagandist
Penny Hess- Writer
Omowale Kefing- Strategic Advisor